MystiCon selected delusion

It’s the second time delusion will be screened in America at the MystiCon Independent Film Festival end of February. The filmmakers are very pleased to get such surprising news again. The first time the FLY Film Festival selected and honored delusion.

Currently working on their latest animated short, this motivates Lisa Mona and Victoria even more.


About MystiCon

The festival takes place in the Tanglewood Holiday Inn in Roanoke, Virginia. From 23. to 25. February the non-profit convention will be held for Sci Fi, Fantasy and Pop Culture fans. There will be time for open gaming, enjoyment of different literature, arts and imaginations.


Furthermore, there is an announcement to make: This spring we will release delusion to the world-wide web. Over a year of festival submissions is now over. It has been a great and exciting time we’ve loved to share with you!